2020 has been an unusual year in many ways, and there’s no doubt about it. The covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and businesses as well. From how we behave socially, to how we work and how companies all over the world operate- everything has changed. Migrating to a digital environment has become the only sensible option to stay in the market for businesses, and this had a huge impact on digital marketing strategies.

2021 has been no different, the change in lifestyle came along this year as well. More and more companies will have to move their operations online and employees will have to keep working remotely. This “new normal” makes digital marketing the savior for businesses to stay afloat, gain new customers, retain current ones, and keep generating revenue at the least. We’re about to dive deep into how digital marketing is evolving in 2021 in this article. So let’s get started.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search algorithms are constantly evolving and that makes search engine optimization a moving target. The change in lifestyle certainly won’t change the effectiveness of SEO, but only increased its worthiness in the current times with all the businesses moving online rapidly. We can’t say that COVID-19 won’t have lasting effects on SEO, but there are far more fundamental changes that will affect the world of SEO in the near future. As being the best SEO agency in Newyork, few SEO strategies that can prove to be helpful to all the businesses are:

  • On website SEO
  • SEO Ads on different platforms
  • Using more Long tail keywords
  • Using Alt tags, H1, H2 tags
  • PPC Advertising

2. PPC Advertising

The good thing is that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising isn’t going anywhere even in 2021. If anything, highly targeted, highly efficient PPC campaigns will prove to be even more effective to digital marketers. As you build out your PPC strategy for 2021, keep in mind that according to Google Economic Impact, businesses get a $2 return for every $1 they to spend on Google Ads. While the underlying reason for that can be many—few choose to believe that PPC can be very effective. We’ve narrowed the focus to three PPC trends sure to make your focus is only on the most effective strategies:

● Always create and advertise Off-the-Topic Content to Build Brand Bias
● Turn Off Audience Network in Facebook Ads
● Keep an Advertising Slush Fund ready
● Remarket Your Long-Tail Keywords

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

With the abundance of automation and new advertising channels, conversions are now more important than ever. And by applying CRO best practices and tuning every step of the funnel you can translate it into tremendous ROI. Now for those the term, CRO seems too technical, we will break it down into layman language. CRO basically means:

● Getting more visitors to your website
● Turning those visitors into revenue-generating sales leads.

The best part about using CRO strategy is that its all about getting more out of the website traffic that you already have. It’s an opportunity to innovate–test, tweak, refine, and rebuild so that more people turn out as your customers.

4. Mobile Optimization

According to a study, people spent 23 extra minutes on their smartphones in the year 2020, which means more people will be interfacing with your digital channels on mobile devices. In the year 2019, the U.S. recorded a mobile conversion for online shoppers of 1.53 percent which means, if your conversion funnels aren’t optimized for smartphones, you’re going to leak conversions and revenue. Make your apps or websites easy to use on a mobile phone and focus on giving the customer the best user experience.

5. Social Media Marketing

We know what you’re thinking, social media is too crowded nowadays with constant change in demands, trends, controversies. But it’s also an ocean full of opportunities if you get the right use of it. The need to adapt quickly and precisely to the current trends is as urgent as ever, especially as new and powerful channels emerge. We have listed a few strategies that can help you increase your engagement and brand awareness.

● Product Giveaways
● Collaborations with influencers
● Meme trends
● Regular Q&A sessions

6. Paid Advertising

As trends and consumer behavior evolve in 2021, so goes paid social media advertising. What we know for sure is that paid social continues to experience tremendous growth and revenue if done in the right way. The main question here is why are businesses so eager to commit a huge amount of their marketing budgets to paid social campaigns? It’s because paid social works for all. We have listed down a few mediums of paid
advertisement that can boost your business in 2021.
● Google Adwords
● Instagram Ads
● Facebook Ads
● LinkedIn Ads

7. Video Marketing

With the quantity of textual content available online, video marketing has emerged as an effective way of digital marketing. With the famous video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, people are more likely to stay attracted to a video advertisement rather than reading pages together about your business. For businesses, this is yet another opportunity to engage their users, build brand awareness, and get their content to rank on search engines. With the abundance of video content available online, there’s nothing as “rich content” so the best way to get your brand noticed is by creating more video content.

8. Email Marketing

Even though email marketing has been a part of digital marketing for a long time now, its effectiveness has made it one of the most important strategies of digital marketing. Email marketing allows businesses to nurture prospects through a long decision-making process without the same kind of budgetary commitment as that of paid advertisements. By linking web analytics to email marketing platforms, a fundamental of email automation according to Mailchimp, organizations can trigger personalized email campaigns based on their user behavior. And while adopting a strategy with this type of integrated personalization varies from industry to industry, it ought to be a priority in 2021.

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